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Bei Mersen machen Männer und Frauen den Unterschied.

Unsere Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen sind das Herzstück des Erfolgs unseres Konzerns und teilen mit Ihnen ihre Berufserfahrung und die Leidenschaft für ihren Beruf.
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Jedes Projekt ist ein Prototyp. Jedes Projekt ist einzigartig. Ein Kunde kommt mit einer Herausforderung oder einer Anfrage und wir finden für ihn die passende verbesserte Losung. 

Sonia Ortner
Project Manager, Hittisau, Austria

When I face challenges and try to solve the problems, I receive lots of support and collaboration from the managers and colleagues.

Lanny Zhou
Manufacturing Manager, Mersen Guangzhou, China

When I took my position, Mersen supported me with a certification training course.

Alexandra Venet
Quality Technician, Mersen Saint Bonnet de Mure, France

I’ve had several different jobs within Mersen and I really think that’s one of the positive aspects of staying this long. 

Kent Walker
Vice President of Technical Sales, Newburyport, MA, USA

I have today an engineering manager role and I’m also a part of the Global Open Expert. 

Cliff Weasner
Engineering Manager for Cooling and Busbar, Rochester, NY, USA

I started my journey at Mersen 13 years ago as a R&D engineer. I'm now project manager. I'm also part of the site's management committee.

Aurore Guise
Project Manager, Mersen Boostec, Bazet, France

Mersen is making remarkable contributions on the photovoltaics and semiconductor industry. I strongly believe that I choose the right company.

Kevin Tan
Manufacturing Engineering and process manager, Chongqing, China

I have witnessed the fast growth of Mersen in China. Today we are more than 60 people in the team.

David Yan
Sales Director, Shanghai Songjiang, China

I think my job is very meaningful, and I can feel the sense of achievement and happiness from it. 

Yanqing Gu
Production Engineer, Pudong, China